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Buy Neckband Earphones at the Best Price in Bangladesh

Neckband Earphone, In the beginning, smaller earbuds developed for hearing aids had widely used with transistor radios that were eventually commercialized in 1954 as Regency TR-1. The transistor radio the most popular audio device in history changed listening habits allowing people to listen to the radio anywhere. Since the early days of the transistor, radio earphones have commonly been bundled with personal music devices. In 1964 Sony EFM-117J transistor radio introduced the most commonly used 3.5 mm connector and its popularity touched on the Walkman portable tape player in 1979.

Functions of Neckband Earphones

Neckband Earphones are very small portable and convenient headphones that are fitted directly in the outer ear but it has few drawbacks such as it provides less acoustic isolation with more noise to seep in. For this reason, the user may need to increase the volume and that might cause hearing loss. On the other hand, in-ear headphones are also small with portability to earbuds that are inserted in the ear canal providing quality sound with less environmental noise. It is usually used by audio engineers and musicians as well as audiophiles but it has some risk of using on the busy road.

Benefits of Neckband Earphones

Wireless Connection
Their wireless nature means that you don’t have to untie them every time you need to use them, which can bring a lot of conveniences. The neckband earphone connects to your smartphone or media player via Bluetooth or NFC, which means you can answer calls and listen to music anytime, anywhere. You won’t get the cable stuck in the doorknob, and you won’t pull the earphones out of your ears when your favorite song is peaking. They can be used by athletes and exercisers because they will not interfere with their daily exercise and activities. This also means that there are no messy cables hanging on your ears or chest, and will not hinder you when you work or exercise.

Not Easy to Lose
Since the neckband is physically connected to the left and right earpieces, even if the neckband Bluetooth headset is loose during exercise, it is less likely to be lost than a true wireless Bluetooth headset.

More Convenient Control
When using ordinary earphones, have you ever found yourself groping for the controls on the earphone cable, but forgot which button does what? When using Bluetooth neckband earphones, this is usually not a problem. The controls are right around your neck and easy to reach, and you may find yourself using them to pause, play, fast forward, and answer calls. Some neckband earphones even have a vibration function to notify you of incoming calls and messages. With just the push of a button, the user can answer the call or refuse to answer the call without having to pick up the phone.

High-quality Sound Experience
The built-in microphone in the Bluetooth neckband earphone body is of high quality, and the sound receiving position is convenient, which can clearly and audibly pick up the user’s voice. You also don’t need to pull the Bluetooth earphone cable to lift the mouthpiece close to your mouth and you can hear it. And for music, most of these earphones have active noise reduction. With these headphones, the sound quality is usually very high. Noise reduction requires sophisticated technology and is usually installed in the body of the neckband headset. Therefore, the part of the earphone to be inserted into the ear is still small and light. This achieves a function that was previously elusive and difficult to achieve with plug-in headphones, that is, a combination of wireless headphones and noise reduction.

The Bluetooth neckband earphone is durable and gives users peace of mind. Durability is often a key determinant of earphones. No one wants the headset to deteriorate quickly or stop working suddenly when in use. Compared with other ordinary earphones, it does not have a lengthy cable, so it is almost impossible to cause the earphone cable to malfunction because it always needs to be wound. They also don’t move or fall often, which means they have a longer lifespan than other ordinary headphones. These can prevent damage and ensure the durability of the headset.

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