KZ ZNA 30095 BA & 12mm Dual Cavity Dynamic Driver In-Ear Earphones


  • Superb Sound in All Frequency
  • Wide Sound with 12mm Dynamic Driver
  • 30095 BA for Analytical Music
  • Lightweight and Environmental-friendly Beauty
  • Firm and comfortable for Your Ear
অর্ডারের পূর্বে সাপোর্ট থেকে স্টক যাচাই করে অর্ডার করার জন্যে অনুরোধ করা যাচ্ছে, ঢাকার বাহিরে আলোচনা সাপেক্ষে ক্যাশ অন ডেলিভারি দেয়া হয়।

KZ ZNA 30095 BA & 12mm Dual Cavity Dynamic Driver In-Ear KZ ZNA 30095 Earphones

KZ ZNA 30095 Earphones In the Hi-Fi community, its sensitivity of approximately 115 dB at 1 kHz alone has surpassed that of all so-called professional dynamic units. The effective vibration area of the diaphragm increases when the diaphragm’s size is increased in comparison to the size of the diaphragm in the previous generation. This allows you to calmly interpret a variety of large dynamic rhythms and experience a wider sound field.
The dynamic unit’s ability to clearly capture and transform some weak current signals is made possible by the magnetic gap of approximately 0.15 mm, which significantly enhances the earphone’s performance in ultra-high frequency detail.
A superposed magnetic field is created when two magnets—one positive and one negative—oppose each other at a fixed size and angle in a double magnet. However, for some factories that do not have professional dynamic unit production equipment, it is a nightmare.
In 2016, KZ gradually added a 10mm dual-magnetic dynamic unit to a number of new products, whereas, according to tigers, the majority of units of the same type found in products sold by other brands are only attracting cats.
Changing the acoustic curve by adjusting the volume of the two resonators is crucial when designing a dual-cavity structure for the dynamic unit. After the ultra-high frequency of 8 kHz, the front cavity typically controls the frequency band, while the rear cavity precisely controls the position of the resonant peak between 2 and 3 kHz.


  • Superb sound in all frequency: Thanks to the combined effort of a dynamic and BA driver, ZNA offers pure music that sounds just as they are made. Efforts are made in the circles’ design, for each driver to be assigned to play to their strength in handling sound in each frequency range. Combined with the natural tuning done by skillful experts, you will easily be immersed in the music with ZNA.
  • Wide Sound with 12mm dynamic driver: As in every other scenario, size matters. The diaphragm, like your eardrum, helps transmit sound in the form of vibration, so a diaphragm as big as the 12mm one in ZNA prevents the compression feel, and gives you a wider sound. Not only that, but ZNA’s dynamic driver also has dual cavities made possible by two magnetic circles. The magnet gap of them is only 0.15mm wide, which is impossible to make for many companies and gives you so much more details in the music.
  • 30095 BA for Analytical Music: The strength of the BA driver is transient response and treble, meaning the high-frequency will be more enjoyable and clearer to you. And to compensate dynamic driver’s unsatisfying performance for ultra-high frequency, KZ equipped ZNA with the customized 30095 BA. This KZ-made BA driver can bring the timbre of treble over 2kHZ to a new level. No more jarring high-pitch noise for you, only enjoyable melodies you can relax to.
  • Lightweight and Environmental-friendly Beauty: Only a high-quality exterior can match ZNA’s excellent inner strength. A dense alloy was chosen to be melt-casted for the protection it can offer for the headphone. This metal case is then embedded with resin lines and a back chamber, representing the strength and purity of the audio you will get. Environmental concerns are also taken into consideration, as the ZNA will arrive at your door in simple wrapping to cut down on plastic used.
  • Firm and comfortable for Your Ear:ZNA is designed to suit your ear canal, thus can sit tightly but not cause you any discomfort. The case itself has undergone several steps to be smooth and not bumpy. The cable is silver-plated OFC, for greater resolution and wider sound, while the gold-plated pins are strong and fit tight in ports and jack.


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