KZ S2 TWS Earbuds Hybrid AAC Earphone

  • KZ-S2
  • Bluetooth 5.0 with AAC codec
  • IPX5 water proof (sweat and rain resistant)
  • 3 hours listening on a full charge
  • Charging case can charge earpieces fully 3 times

৳ 2,490.00

বর্তমান করনা পরিস্থিতিতে পণ্যের সল্পতার জন্যে, প্রোডাক্ট অর্ডারের পূর্বে সাপোর্ট থেকে স্টক এবং ডেলিভারি সম্পর্কে জেনে অর্ডার করার জন্যে অনুরোধ করা হচ্ছে।



  • Brand: KZ
  • Bluetooth Version : 5.0
  • Charging interface:Type-C
  • Bluetooth range: 20m (affected by the environment)
  • Earphone weight: 10g (both ears)
  • Charging case weight: 43g
  • Headset power: 40mA (single ear)
  • Charging case power: 400mA
  • Duration of use: about 3hours

KZ S2 TWS Earbuds Review:

Design & Comfort:

The design of the KZ S2 TWS Earbuds is identical to that of the E10, save for the absence of the ear hooks. This makes them certainly smaller and leaner-looking. They’re made of shiny black plastic, with a matte circle in the centre of the faceplate. The design is nothing new, as it looks like a generic IEM, but it’s nice.KZ S2 TWS Earbuds

Build quality appears to be decent, with the plastic used being seemingly durable and the pieces fitting together well. That applies to the dock as well. It’s not super-high-quality plastic and it shows, but it’s adequate for the price.

Comfort is quite good, especially if you use eartips other than those included in the box; the shells are large, but not so much that the size goes in the way of a comfortable fit. I could wear them for more than two hours without issues.

Extra Features & Battery Life:

The KZ S2 use the Bluetooth 5.0 standard with the AAC codec on top of the standard SBC – no aptX. The company says it’s because of the absence of aptX on Apple devices, though on the other hand AAC is missing on many Android devices. There are also many headphones offering both. The true reason why they’re not offering aptX is because the Realtek 8763 chip used does not support aptX.

Now the Realtek 8763 chip seems to have some issues, at least with the way it’s been implemented by KZ. There are a very strong hiss (which I will discuss further in the next section) and constant stutters and other issues with music reproduction. Micro-stutters are normal and almost expected in this type of product, especially in the lower price brackets. In this case, though, stutters are constant and independent of the source or its position – they just happen, even if you are sitting still with the source on the desk some 50 cm away from you.

KZ S2 TWS Earbuds
Battery life is decent for the price, but underwhelming compared to most recent offerings. The KZ S2 offer around 3.5 hours of playback, also depending on the volume (I listen to the lowest volume possible, so you might get even less battery life). By comparison, the $79 Sabbat E12 Ultra offer 6.5 hours. The 500 mAh case-dock offers three additional charges, for a total that’s barely over 10 hours.

Sound & Specs:

We tested the KZ S2 with multiple sources including the aforementioned HP EliteBook 745 G5 laptop and Shanling M2X DAP. Both were loaded with FLAC files, most of which in 16 bit / 44.1 kHz resolution.

As in KZ’s tradition, they took a dynamic driver and a balanced armature and shoved them in the shell with little regard for tuning. This produces KZ’s famously V-shaped tuning, which in this case is dominated by piercing treble.KZ S2 TWS Earbuds

In order to keep costs at a minimum KZ seems to have stinted on the amplifier stage, which introduces a whole lot of distortion that’s clearly audible throughout most tracks. This distortion manifests itself not only in the strong background hiss that’s always present, but also in the smearing of details and in the muddied up sound. The background hiss is the most problematic bit, though, as it is strong enough to drown the music when the latter is relatively quiet (say, H.U.V.A. Network’s Access to the Long Fields). In that same track, around 2:50, the high-pitched synths are completely drowned in the distortion and noise to the point you actually can only hear a garbled mess. I doubted my hearing, but on other headphones I can hear the track just fine.

Soundstage is average in width, but it surprisingly has some depth. Imaging is never more detailed than “left-centre-right”, so you don’t really get the full immersion treatment. Instrument separation is good in the lower area, but mediocre at best in the mids and highs area due to the high distortion.

Bass is preponderant and decently deep. For $30 earphones it’s not bad at all: it’s decently physical and detailed, with enough control to come through as adequately clean. It’s satisfying, not only because it’s abundant (and fun) but also because its execution is done well.

Midrange is where issues start to come up. It’s dominated by the upper area, which takes the top spot and leaves the rest almost in the background. The emphasis is strong, as in KZ’s tradition, to the point it’s often fatiguing. Detail is difficult to assess because of the background hiss, which smears most of it. Speed appears to be good.

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