ACEFAST C1-03 USB Type-C to USB Type-C 60W Charging Data Cable

  • Model: C1-03
  • USB Type-C to USB Type-C (Aluminum alloy connectors)
  • Supports up to 20V / 3A – 60W
  • Current up to 3A
  • 1.2m cable length
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ACEFAST C1-03 USB Type-C to USB Type-C 60W Charging Data Cable

The ACEFAST C1-03 Type-C Cable charging information link is an excellent and tough link that is intended for quick charging Android telephones. It includes a USB Type-C to USB Type-C connector and has a length of 1.2m, making it helpful to utilize. The link is lightweight, weighing just 33g. The cable’s outer material is braided wire, which is long-lasting and resistant to damage. The connectors are made of aluminum composite, which is solid and gives a protected association. The center of the link is comprised of 22AWG(45/0.1)*2C + 28AWG(16/0.08)*3C + D(7/0.12)OD3.8mm, which takes into account most extreme current of 3A. The ACEFAST C1-03 link is MFI affirmed and supports up to 60W quick charge. The link has additionally been tried for 25000 twisting tests, guaranteeing that it is tough and can endure regular use.


Physical Specification
Material Outer material: braided wire.
Connectors material: aluminum alloy.
Core: 22AWG(45/0.1)*2C + 28AWG(16/0.08)*3C + D(7/0.12)OD3.8mm
Color Black
Weight 33g
Cable Length 1.2m
Warranty 18 Months


  • The ACEFAST C1-03 is a top notch USB-C to USB-C charging and information move link.
  • It is 1.2 meters long, giving a helpful length to interfacing gadgets.
  • The link weighs 33 grams, making it lightweight and simple to convey.
  • The external material of the link is plait wire, which gives toughness and adaptability.
  • The connectors are made of top notch aluminum amalgam, making them impervious to erosion and mileage.
  • The link center is made of 22AWG(45/0.1)*2C + 28AWG(16/0.08)*3C + D(7/0.12)OD3.8mm, guaranteeing steady and quick information move and charging.
  • The link upholds a greatest current of 3A, making it reasonable for charging USB-C empowered cell phones and PCs.
  • It upholds up to 60W (20V/3A) charging for PCs.
  • The link is additionally appropriate for charging USB-C empowered tablets and different gadgets.
  • It very well may be utilize for information move between USB-C empowere gadgets.
  • The ACEFAST C1-03 has gone through 25000 bowing tests, guaranteeing strength and life span.
  • The cable is available in a variety of colors, allowing customers to select a hue that complements their aesthetic.
  • It is viable with an extensive variety of USB-C empowere gadgets, including cell phones, tablets, workstations, and that’s just the beginning.
  • The link’s top notch materials and development guarantee it can endure successive use and stay in superb condition for a drawn out period.
  • The ACEFAST C1-03 is a dependable and helpful charging and information move answer for the people who need a top notch USB-C link.


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